Information Nigeria Ad Review Series(Episode 10): “H20! Water is gonna be jealous” Ad

Image result for h20 water is gonna be jealous adesua

Yessss! We have been reviewing TV adverts that we know you have definitely seen. Some of these ads you love and others, you don’t. So,  if you haven’t been following our ad review series,  then you have a missed a lot because we are on Episode 10 already.

On this episode we chose the recent “H20! Water is gonna be jealous” ad.

This advert caught our interest for many reasons.

Firstly, we know the main characters in the advert, are two celebrities a lot of Nigerians love.

Secondly, we know you wouldn’t want to miss out on, what we have to say about the ad.

So,  check out our review on it below and make sure you keep it locked here, because we would bring you more. Trust us to deliver only the best.



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