Fayose faked Teargas attack to incite Nigerians against the Police and FG – APC

The All Progressive congress has reacted to allegations that out going Governor of Ekiti was teargassed and slapped by the police as they laid siege at the Government house in Ekiti. Governor Fayose yesterday drew public attention to himself after he broke down in tears on live television saying he was slapped and was in pain.

Reacting to the situation, the APC has said it was an act of desperation on Fayose’s part to “fake attack just to attract sympathy and to blackmail police.” In a statement by the ruling party on Thursday, it said the ‘drama’ by Fayose on Live TV was just “to incite Nigerians against the Police and Federal Government.”

Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose has become too desperate and confused that he has to stage a FAKE teargas attack just to attract sympathy and to blackmail police. APC said.

Full statement below

“The public must be careful on how they react to Fayose’s crocodile tears. Fayose who claimed teargas attack was seen acting drama on LIVE TV just to incite Nigerians against the Police and Federal Government.”

“A purported letter was released by Fayose’s office claiming it emanated from the police, a signed letter without a name on it. The public must be wary of Fayose’s continued blackmail and his antics to cause public unrest”

“If there is any public unrest or breakdown of law and order in Ekiti State, Nigerians should hold Fayose accountable, his collaborators who are not in Ekiti but quick to amplify his propaganda to cause national outrage will be held accountable also – Fayose planned the the gas attack to blackmail the police and government and also to pretend that he is sick as a result of the FAKE attack to enable him escape out of the country since his defeat is starring at him on his face”

“The police must also build all their security details around Olayinka Lere and not allow his to escape out of Ekiti. He must also be made to face the consequences of distorting & forging police documents. He must be made to face the law, that there is limit to his media thuggery”



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