‘A Lot of Babydaddies are Better Fathers Than Husbands’ – Timaya

Timaya feels a man doesn’t need to be a husband to the mother of his children before he can perform his duties as a father.

The singer, who recently welcomed a son with his partner Tamar, made this known in new interview with Punch, in which he spoke about his relationship with his two daughters and why he thinks marriage isn’t the yardstick of measuring who a good man is.

About the distinction between husbands and fathers: “People fail to understand that a lot of baby daddies are better fathers than a lot of husbands. The kind of role I play in my children’s life, I don’t think some husbands do that”

About his relationship with his children: “I have time for my children, I love my children but some married men don’t even have time for their kids. They don’t show their kids love, they don’t know what it means to be a father. It doesn’t have anything to do with money; it’s about love and attention.”

About how his daughters think of his relationship with their mother: “Even my daughter sometimes wonders why I make babies if I was not ready to get married yet but I tell her that if I don’t make babies then she won’t be born.”

About his thoughts on marriage: “My life is in stages, I don’t think I want to get married now. It is not something I would want to venture into for now.”


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