Unbelievable photos of Norway prison where prisoners live like kings

Prison is believed to be a confined space where criminals are sent for a while to enable them reflect as well as keep them away from society to prevent them from committing more crimes. For such reason, prison wards aren’t the most accommodation as it is solely built to sober up anyone who finds themselves in one.

In Nigeria, there have been many reports on the min-bugging state of prisons across the country. Many have complained of it being over crowded and of the buildings being dilapidated and in most cases, uninhabitable.

It appears, prison cells in some other countries are even better than some Nigerian houses according to reports. In a recent post shared on Twitter by Arthur Musinguzi, the cells in Norway are a home away from home setting and anyone who lands there having lived in some areas in Nigeria, will be more grateful than sad.

Arthur shared photos of the prison where anyone can see that prisons truly live like kings because of the impeccable furnishing. The photos immediately went viral and many Nigerian social media users agreed that the cells look even better than their houses.

See the photos below:






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