Mike Godson Caught Couple Making Love On Airplane

Here is what Nollywood actor Mike Godson said about his encounter with a couple disturbing him with sensual sounds on board of an international flight.

“On this flight, a man in his 60’s was making funny adult sounds behind my seat. I suspected something was going on but wasn’t sure, bcoz the lights were turned off! I stood up pretending i was going to use the lavatory and suddenly they both began to snore like they had been sleeping all the while.

Please if you are the type that makes a funny sound with your woman on board a flight, could you kindly wait until the flight reaches its destination so you can have your woman all to your self? Bcoz some people like my self don’t sleep when such happens on board! My ears become very very sensitive to any type of sexual weird sounds around me, just to identify the people involve when the plane lands.”


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