#LightUpYourDreams2018: 4 Million Naira and Lot of Gift Items are Still Up for Grabs

It is no longer news that Africa’s leading mobile brand TECNO Mobile, is giving individuals the opportunity to live their dreams through the #LightUpYourDreams2018 campaign.

The quest to make 4 millionaires has been on for about a week and the amount of entries received has been overwhelming, but the question is: Can you convince TECNO Mobile to support your dream with 1 million Naira?

If you think you can, then why are you “dulling” yourself?

Join the race to win that 1 million Naira. It is not an easy race, but at the end it will be worth it after all if you shoot for the moon and you miss, you would land among the stars.

Check out our top ten entries for the week, vote for your favorite and help someone achieve that dream!


The first step is to follow @TECNOMobileNigeria on Facebook and @TECNOMobileNG on Twitter and Instagram. Afterwards you upload a video or an image or text of your dream, also include how you will celebrate if you win 1 million naira. After submitting your entry, get your friends to like and share to support you to win.

On Facebook, send your entry as a comment under the pinned competition post on TECNO’s Facebook page.Always make use of the hashtag #LightUpYourDream2018 and tag @TECNOMobileNG. You can also submit your entry on SnapChat (@TECNOMobileNG) and TECNOSpot (bbs.tecno-mobile.com.

You also stand another chance winning 1million Naira when you buy the new SPARK 2 device at designated stores. After purchase, you will get a raffle ticket. That raffle ticket automatically gives you the opportunity to win the cash.
Everyone is a winner!

1. Grand Prize – 2 Winners of 1 Million + 2 Spark 2
2. 1st Runner Up – 10 Winners of Spark 2: Prizes for finalists place weekly winner.
3. 2nd Runner Up – 10 Winners of Rechargeable Fan: Prizes for the second-place weekly winners.

This runs from the 13th of June to the 12thof July 2018.What are you waiting for? Get up and chase that dream. Go the extra mile for your dream with TECNO LightUpYourDream.

For more information, visit this www.tecnomobile.com. Terms and conditions apply for this contest.

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