‘I was satisfying a client’ – Don Zella says on leaked ‘sex’ photos

Don Zella, a Ugandan socialite who was photographed on top of a naked man has reacted to the backlash she faced after she shared the photos.

The Ugandan socialite was spotted in her half naked body, seated on the naked body of a man which many linked to having sex. Social media users who took a swipe at the city socialite, accused her of hypocrisy, given the fact that she is organizing her Girl Power Red Parties which aims to inspire young girls soon.

“And you want to inspire young women with gal Power. God have mercy on our nation. Choose who inspires you my dear young women. Otherwise this mentality of I’m living my life killing our nation. No wonder men no longer respect us. They think all women are the same,” wrote one of the social media users.

However defending herself, the Ugandan socialite claimed she is a massage therapist and the pictures just showed her trying to satisfy one of her clients.

“Stop being bitter about ma pictures. I’m a massage therapist; that’s my job. But have seen many insults on all social media platforms insulting GAL POWER. Mujja ba bulungi am trying to satisfy ma customers. You can book also for these services on + 178……. as long as u meet the payments. Let’s style up. At the end of the day, I get paid oba ntya oba ntya (in whatever means). Now am sleeping with a man. Singa ebadde mbwa oba mbuzzi (If it were a dog or goat) what would you have said ,” she said before adding that she’s in the US.

To prove that she is a therapist, Don Zella has also released a video in which she is seductively working on a client. Don Zella is a Ugandan socialite and a mother of 4 based in the United States.


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