Here’s how Nigeria beat Croatia in Russia… even though the scoreboard says 2:0

Pay attention Croatia, however you like it, Nigeria still won that first match at Russia and here is how it was done.

  1. The world was watching Nigeria

Everyone tuned in that day to not just watch the match but specially see Nigeria play. Many international people including P. Diddy wished Nigeria goodluck right before the game and on Twitter all the buzz was on the Super Eagles.

First win.

  1. Everyone was wearing our jerseys

Even if Nigeria did not win the game. The country definitely won World Cup Fashion even at its first match this year. So no arguments.

Second win

  1. The first goal was a mistake

If you like, argue with your gods. It is a fact that Croatia’s first goal was an own goal by Nigeria’s Oghenekaro Etebo who made a very big mistake that cost his country a lot.

So really, because it was a mistake, we have a third win

  1. The second goal was also a mistake

Croatian, Luka Modric got an easy penalty kick just because Nigeria’s William Ekong forgot he wasn’t meant to hug his opponent, Mario Mandzukic in the box until after the match.

Was that even a real goal? Fourth win

  1. Nigeria has a world record unlike some people we know

1994 was a great year for the Super Eagles as they almost got to the finals of the match. In 1998, Nigeria gave the best players at Spain a shocking blow after they defeated them 3-2 on the field.

And Nigeria has been playing at the world cup longer than Croatia sef so it’s definitely older. Have some respect.

Fifth win

Regardless of our team’s performance at Russia, Nigerian fans can win extra prizes daily in the Betway Cup Calendar Challenge here

Now, that’s another win for us!


  1. Croatia have been a country since 1992. And in 1998 they were third in world cup. What is the point of this article, you only shwo with this that your Iq is lower than a room temperature.


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