GQ ranks Super Eagles’ Jersey as Best World Cup 2018 Kit (Full List + Photos)

So have you been wondering why the Super Eagles 2018 World Cup Kit sold out fast in the UK? Well, British GQ has just the answer.

The magazine ranked all the kits of the national teams competing in the 2018 World Cup from worst to best and the Super Eagles’ kit sits atop the list, with the magazine describing it as “eccentric and off-the-wall in the best possible way.

Croatia, Nigeria’s first opponent, has its checked red and white at second place. Argentina’s three stripes make number 3.

At the far bottom is Senegal, followed by Panama and Spain.

The full list;

32. Senegal

31. Panama

30. Spain

29. Colombia

28. Australia

26. Uruguay

25. Morocco

24. Tunisia

23. South Korea

22. Russia

21. Denmark

20. Iran

19. Costa Rica

18. Mexico

17. Serbia

16. Egypt

15. England

14. Germany

13. Saudi Arabia

12. France

11. Poland

10. Belgium

9. Iceland

8. Sweden

7. Portugal

6. Japan

5. Brazil

4. Peru

3. Argentina

2. Croatia

1. Nigeria

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