2018 Budget: National Assembly increased its own Budget by N14.5 billion without discussion with the Executive – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, June 20, signed 2018 Budget into law. However, the president has revealed that the National Assembly increased its own Budget by 14.5 billion Naira, from 125 billion Naira to 139.5 billion Naira, without any discussion with the Executive.

Buhari made this claim via his official Twitter handle, saying he had to sign the budget regardless, “so as not to further slow down the pace of recovery of the Nigerian economy, which has no doubt been affected by the long delay in passing the budget.”

See what he wrote

Meanwhile the presidency says it plans to “remedy some of the most critical of these budget alterations through a supplementary and/or amendment budget – And hopes that the National Assembly will expeditiously consider and approve this budget when it is presented, for the good of Nigeria.


  1. Why am I not surprised by the typical money-guzzling National Assembly! President Buhari has the mandate of Nigerians to refuse to implement that legislative induced corrupt aspect of the budget.


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