Why I Didn’t Discuss ‘Shithole’ Comment With Trump – Buhari Speaks On U.S Visit


Presidents; Buhari and Trump

While speaking during a question and answer session with journalists after a joint press briefing with President Donald Trump, President Buhari on Monday, said it is better he keeps quiet on U.S President’s alleged insult on some African nations, including Nigeria, because he could not verify the validity of the allegation.

President Buhari said he exercises caution with press statements about other people. “I’m very careful with what the press says about [people] other than myself,” Buhari said.

“I’m not sure about the validity or whether that allegation against the president was true or not, the best thing for me is to keep quiet.”

Trump came under fire early in the year after he reportedly called some African countries ‘shithole’ at a private White House meeting on January 12. But he denied making the comment and labelled his accusers as fake news peddlers.

President Trump, in his own session with journalists, also said they did not discuss the issue. “We didn’t discuss it. You do have some countries that are in very bad shape. We didn’t discuss it because the president knows me and knows where I’m coming from,” Trump said.

Buhari, the first sub-Saharan Africa president to meet Trump since he was sworn in January 2017, is currently in the US for bilateral talks on the invitation of the American president.

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