Unbelievable!!! Nigerian Transgender Living in Ghana says She is a Virgin


Veso Golden, a Nigerian transgender living in Ghana, has revealed how a girlfriend he had  told him about transitioning and how that marked the beginning of his transgender journey.

In a very  interesting interview with the R&L show, Golden, who said she is a makeup artist and a model just basically facing pageantry, said she was not born a male but given birth to as a young child with male genitals.

Veso, who was born Messiah Oke Veso,  to a Nigerian father and Ghanaian mother and into an Anglican family, said the doctor proclaimed or announced to her mom that she is a male child. However, she  realised that she was not fitting into her body and that traumatized her.

According to her, she started living in Ghana after her mother told her to leave Nigeria because of the 14 years jail term for gays. She revealed also  that she hasn’t undergone a surgery that makes her a complete female, but there are drugs that she takes that makes the penis smaller and the boobs grow.

See full interview below



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