Shocking: See What Officers Did After Spotting A Helpless Man In Front Of A Police Station (Photos)

Emmanuel Agbogun, a highly disappointed man has taken to Facebook to share the shocking thing he saw today in front of a police station in Benin city, Edo state capital.

The man berated officers at the state police command after sharing pictures of a man who was spotted laying helplessly on the ground in front of the station as police officers passed by without appearing to notice him or help him.

Below is what Emmanuel shared on Facebook:

“My Edo people how else do we want our Leaders/government and its security institutions to show to us that they have failed in there primary responsibility to the Nigeria state…

“I found this man laying down helplessly before the Edo state police command and I noticed no single police officer considered to attend to him! And yet they will say they are protecting life’s and properties….

“What is the life of A Nigerian what to the police and the Edo state government, when citizens are this hungry people say I should keep mute over Albert Obazee car gift from chief of staff and Mr Governor….

“My people should I keep quiet.”

They continued talking without helping the helpless man 

After a while they walked away

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