Obasanjo’s third force coalition to become political party


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Third Force becomes political party as Olusegun Obasanjo announce ADC African Democratic Congress as political party to “wrestle” power from Muhammadu  Buhari. According to recent reports, former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has adopted a political party, African Democratic Congress, to realise its dream of a new Nigeria.

In a press conference at his presidential library home in Abeokuta, Obasanjo hint that the third Force may become a political party to “wrestle” power from Muhammadu  Buhari.

In a speech titled ‘My treatise for future of democracy and development in Nigeria’ here is what Obasanjo  said;

“Let me start by welcoming and commending the emergence of a renewed and reinvigorated African Democratic Congress, ADC, as a political party.

“Since the inception of Coalition for Nigeria Movement, CNM, many of the sixty-eight registered political parties had contacted and consulted with the Movement on coming together and working together.

“The leadership of the Movement, after detailed examination, wide consultation and bearing in mind the orientation, policies and direction of the Movement, have agreed to adopt ADC as its platform to work with others for bringing about desirable change in the Nigeria polity and governance.”


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