Nollywood Actress Liz Anjorin blasts a fan who called her an Olosho

Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin blasts a man who crossed her path on social media.

According to her, the man showed up on her page and dropped a comment calling her a prostitute.

Reacting to the comment, Liz Anjorin had no kind words for him.

She wrote:

”A full grown man faa?Adeleke omoba awon lossers. You came to my handle and left this comment (OLOSHO) and you privatise your account.

“Ode with low sperm count. ?? I won’t leak your secret that a woman died on top of you in a hotel and you just came out of prison o.

“I swear, you are going back because prison is a sweet home for an empty brain like yours.

“I won’t say much because am not the cause of your misfortune and failure. Your losser miserable olosho mother eventually exchange your fortune and glory for a G-string pant not even full pata. ??

“She knows you can’t be successful in life, walahi. Now you are graceless with no life and no future.

“Why don’t you go and get a new matchet and kill your miserable mother for using your glory to buy Maggi Royco chicken ?????? ..Elenu bi obo aja alabiamon. Oloshi with ZERO GLORY.

“Go to alagbo and get agbo inuwo. I blame your miserable father that could not cross road to get a condom to protect nitwit like you.

“I would have help you with cleaner job but you are a unfortunate being that can never make it in life.

“For you to be able to identify Olosho, are you sure your anus is intact?? Anyway, mo ro ti ori ade mo e lara (let me pardon you because you are a prince as you claimed).

“I don’t feel like talking this morning.????…Ejoor ebami soro ishiti fun (help me to talk sense to him).”

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