Man attacks his girlfriend for undercooking his chicken

Scott Howell, 32, an ex-Army reserve soldier, has been arrested after he beat up his girlfriend for undercooking his chicken Kiev.

The 32, an ex-Army reserve soldier, attacked Michelle Mundt, also 32, during dinner at the home they shared with their baby son in Glasgow, a family friend said.

Scott ensured he inflicted severe facial injuries on Michell that she had to be taken to hospital after the violent assault.

A source close to the family said Michelle had been the victim of abuse for a year before Howell was finally arrested and he was only caught out because Michelle was taken to the hospital.

. “If it wasn’t for Michelle’s dad and step mum turning up that day, she may not have left the house alive,” they told the Daily Record. “The fact they saw her in this state was her only escape. His next girlfriend may not be so lucky.

Howell admitted carrying out the attack on the day he was set to face trial at Glasgow Crown Court. He also pleaded guilty to charges of spitting on a female police officer who turned up to their house in the aftermath of the attack, and of being in possession of a knuckle duster.

Michelle, whose one-year-old son with Howell and daughter from a previous relationship were in the house at the time of the attack. Michelle tried to flee during the attack and she ran into her dad and her step mum outside the family home. They called the police on the abusive man and he attacked the officer who turned up at their house.

He will be sentenced next month.


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