Linda Ikeji corrects her caption from ‘got’ to ‘rented a 11-room mansion’ after she was called out for misleading her young followers (Details)

Ever since Linda announced her pregnancy few days back, the celebrity blogger who loves to put people on the news has not stopped being on the news.

Earlier today, Lindan took to her Instagram to announce that she just ‘Got’ an 11-room Mansion which will be used to film the ‘made in Gidi’ series set to air when her Tv station launches.

Linda shared a collage of photos of the house with the caption;

11-room mansion I just got in Lagos for Made In Gidi reality show and some other productions. We are not playing at LITV. 😋😋. Can you even spot me in the pics? Lol. LindaIkejiTV launches on June 1st. It will be on Android, IOS and Comcast. #excitingdaysahead 😁😁

However, a follower with the handle @ifeomafinegirl pointed out what she saw as a misleading caption and wrote;

“You got”? Rented or purchased? You started the story just finish it. There’s a difference between got and purchased. Let your younger followers know so that they wouldn’t go by the corner thinking ‘Why’s my hustle Different”

Apparently after noticing the attention the caption drew, Linda Ikeji edited her caption and replaced ‘got‘ with ‘rented‘..

See other reactions below:

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