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Lady narrates how her wealthy family friend became poor after they were brainwashed by a church



A Nigerian lady, Amy George took to her Instagram page to narrate how a family friend who used be very rich went broke after they were brainwashed by a church to stop chasing vanity and also give out all their wealth to the less privileged.

She said that for over 10 years, the family wallowed in poverty because of the teachings of their new church.

Read what she wrote below:

I’m not sharing this story to disparage the church nor any relationship but if you think otherwise, it’s irrelevant anyway…

Last week, my mum and I visited an old family friend whom I have known since childhood. I felt awkward or rather regretted ever obliging to such request (visiting them).
As I was growing up, I used to know this family to be well off, Tom tom (not his real name) was a wealthy businessman who made a fortune with a very simple business. They were one of those families that promised me some goodies after my tertiary education. Walking into their sitting room, what I saw saddened me.
There was No television, no curtain, everywhere was virtually empty! I felt bad thinking maybe the obvious (grace to grass) had happened. I sat down on the bench in the sitting room and a lot was going through my head. ‘Maybe Mr Tom tom had some setback ‘, ‘what if he was duped’? ‘Or he lost everything to the bank’. My mind turns to the random thoughts but that’s neither here nor there as my brain cells turn the pages of the past like a funeral dirge. I can’t help but wonder why Something felt like it was constantly missing. This was a family I looked up to. The son was my best during bible classes. The children had the best primary and secondary education. Like what happened?
Uncle and aunty changed to ‘Jesus must come’ kind of churches.
They were told to stop chasing wealth as it is vanity. 

They were advised to share all they have acquired from the ‘vanity kingdom’ to the less privileged. 

They were called to bring souls to church (I used that because we know what winning souls for Christ tastes like).

Uncle and aunty left their business (the vanity), shared what they made from the vanity kingdom to those vanity children that needs help.
Uncle and aunty stopped work, invested their time to winning souls and increasing the members. 

These, they did for over 10years!!!

10years until they realised they are left with nothing!
How can you be brainwashed to tasting poverty. 

The seven children were looking thin and tacky. 

I saw my best boy, called his name- tears couldn’t stop flowing.
They lost everything – money, friends and family because they deserted from everyone. ‘Their’ church made them believe anyone who isn’t a member of their church is a sinner and cursed. And until they give their lives to Christ by attending the ‘jesus must come’ church, they must not associate.
It’s hard to believe. I read stories, I watch clips and never imagined I’d witness it in lifetime. It can’t be them.
They are educated, they were RICH! Super RICH! So how did this happen?
My mum asked my aforementioned best to come home with us so he could take ‘anything’ for dinner, Aunty shouted in igbo (I translate);
“Mama junior, don’t worry. God sees and he knows the best. Job suffered more than this.”
We got to the car, I asked my mum why we visited, because obviously- a part of them didn’t welcome us. She explained; “Her Husband called on phone few days ago and narrated their ordeal. He asked I come over, so I came with you.”
Uncle has seen the light, aunty is yet to see the reflection. Prior to our visit, the family only had 200naria okpa for the day. The church isn’t helping, the church isn’t paying the fees, the church advised you stop chasing vanity. You are bringing members to the church yet there’s no benefit to your family. It’s over 10years ma. My uncle is tired! Can’t you feel your husband?
Unlike my mum, I don’t want to believe it’s ignorance though we know the obvious. I’m here hoping God remembers such faith. 

How would it happen when the couple are jobless and now phlegmatic about ‘chasing vanity’. Certainly, God might send a Good Samaritan to share his vanity with them. He works in a Mysterious way.
Oh I remember; Job indeed suffered more!
I’m waiting to update my version of the bible with their testimony;
Surly, The destiny changer knows the best. 





 Source – Akpraise

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