Groom cries as he sees his bride in her dress for the first time (Photos)

A groom couldn’t control his emotions and he broke down in tears when he saw his bride walking towards him in her wedding dress.

Tyrone Armitage, from Melbourne, was marrying his partner of 11 years, Kelly Armitage, just days after receiving the sad news that his father was losing his long battle with cancer.

After receiving this tragic news, Tyrone decided that all that mattered was marrying the love of his life and having the people that mattered most around him.

On the wedding day, photographer James Day was on ground to capture their big day and he captured quite a lot, one of which has now touched hearts all over the world.

This particular emotional photo shows Tyrone crying, and the back story of a very touching statement he made as tears pooled in his eyes has made it even more touching.

James Day said he asked Tyrone what he was thinking at the moment the photo was taken and his reply was that he felt like the “luckiest man to walk the planet”.

“All I could think was ‘Wow, wow, wow. How amazing is life knowing I will have you by my side until the very end? I can’t believe I get to do life with you, is this really happening?’,” Tyrone said.

Tyrone also later explained that the emotion of the day had been heightened after discovering that his father was losing his long battle with cancer.

“Almost a week to the day before our wedding, I received a call from my eldest sister.

“I instantly knew something was wrong hearing the pain and sadness in her voice. I knew straight away it was about Dad,” Tyrone wrote for Love What Matters, adding that his dad had been fighting cancer for 16 years.

Their father had been told more tumours had been found and confronting words like “palliative care” and “radiation” had been mentioned by doctors.

Tyrone said: “Hanging up on the call, all the finer details of the wedding night were quickly put into perspective when suddenly all I cared about was marrying the love of my life and having the people that mattered most there with us.

“In Dad’s true style he said to the doctors, ‘Do what you need to do to get me to my son’s wedding and do it quickly!”‘

His father was by his side on his wedding day and it made him all the more aware how precious life was.

Tyrone said that while his wedding day was filled with tears and swirling emotions, each and every conversation he shared with his father that day would be “cherished forever”.

“I don’t know what the future holds for Dad, but what I do know is with Kel by my side, and her endless love and support, we can get through anything together,” he said.

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