“Friends and family members of any erring police officer should be blamed for their misconduct” – Zonal PPRO, Dolapo Badmus, says

Nigerian Zonal PPRO, Dolapo Badmus has said that the family members and friends of any erring police officer are to be blamed for their misconduct.

She took to her Instagram page to write:

All police ? officers and men out there are products of families and communities, each and everyone of us should strive to be a good representative of our families and communities!
I could remember as I passed out from Police Academy in the year 2002, a visit to my father was met by a deluge of advice, he used almost 2hours to lecture me and remind me of how my joining the Police is to serve the country and not to take advantage of anyone, every time before his departure to the great beyond he calls to remind me that I should be a good ambassador of my family !!! That’s the word “Good Ambassador “ Every police officer must be consciously supported and be reminded by family members on how to remain the family’s good ambassadors, I’ll bet if our family members are on our cases we probably won’t have anyone of us doing what is illegal and abnormal. As police officers we are supposed to be above board shunning any form of corruption and human right abuse! The long and short of the story is that friends and families of any erring police officer should be blamed for their misconduct!! It’s time for every family and communities that have a loved one in the police to reach out to them and start reminding them to be good ambassadors to them and by extension Nigeria!
Lest I forget Happy Democracy Day to Nigeria and Nigerians. God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria, God bless Nigeria Police Force!!

How on earth do you think being a “YAHOO BOY “ is profitable?! How on earth do you think using your God given brain 🧠 to defraud another person of his or her hard earned money 💰 💴 just to pop champagne 🍾 and show opposite sex that you have arrived make sense?!

Have you ever paused to imagine the negative socio-Economic impact this generates?!

You are incapacitating the future of other young ones striving so hard to make ends meet!!!

I have heard complaints that the government caused it?!! So my question is that since you’ve been making the yahoo money! How many companies have you established to generate employments?!

How many schools have you built with your ill gotten wealth?! How many Hospitals have you constructed?! If you have not done any of this, then greed not government pushed you into it!!!!

I know this position might not be popular because yahoo boys may have more data to wage war, sycophants won’t face reality! They will derail from the topic!

I see a lot of barbarians will rush to defend this! But as far as I’m concerned it’s a serious crime that I won’t pretend not to join my voice to end!

I support all actions that can be taken by law enforcement agencies to ensure this financial crime comes to an end, not just arrest but due prosecution to ensure sincerity and readiness to fight the crime so that our younger ones striving to do businesses with international community will be given a chance without any form of suspicion or distrust!!!

We must grow our economy and younger ones against all odds!!! I CSP DOLAPO BADMOS stands against “YAHOO YAHOO” Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria 🇳🇬! God bless our youths!!!

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