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Davido’s Girlfriend Chioma Is Like A prostitute, she’s a disgrace – Nigerian Man Says



It’s no longer news that Davido bought his girlfriend,Chioma a porshe car worth 45 million Naira.

The news broke the internet and has continued to do so ,but a Nigerian man by name Olakunle Alison has this to say about the whole scenario.

Read what he wrote:

A generation of women sold to money slave camps.

Sticking with a man to whom you are not married and who cheated on you with several women, impregnating two of them in the process (baby mamas) whilst dating you, and then became an accidental ‘baby-daddy’ is NOT LOVE just because he bought you a #45million car.

You are a needy, opportunistic, parasitic, gold-digging, low self-esteem sufferer. A Stockholm syndrome patient. You are not loyal. You are a liar. A prostitute and you share some moral equivalence.

The only reason any woman would endure contemptible treatments from a man is because of what she looks to gain materially and financially. Let’s stop ridiculing the word ‘Love’ for the sake of posterity so that they’d be able to distinguish between virtue and vice.

There is simply no virtue in staying with a man who openly disrespects you over a period of years. None. And buying you the moon 🌙 and stars 🌟 will not make up for him treating you like human fecal matter. Money cannot buy moral worth. Rather money distorts moral worth. And that’s what is happening these days.

Permit me to digress a bit whilst I elucidate on point of ethics.

Humans are created with a deep sense of moral worth. This simply means that every human being loves to be treated like a rare and precious stone. It’s just the way our Maker made us. The desire to be loved, admired, desired, respected, treated fairly and kindly is part of our teleology. So when anybody willingly and voluntarily subjects himself or herself to vile and inhumane treatments for other considerations it basically reduces that person to an object rather than a subject. The person has objectified himself or herself.

Believe it or not, what we are witnessing today is one of the unintended fallouts of the extreme faction of feminism: The Moral Self-Depreciation of Womenfolk. After all, the cardinal philosophy of modern feminism is CHOICE and SELF AUTONOMY. So who are we to question a woman who CHOOSES to stay in an abusive but profitable relationship? If she has a right to choose who stays in her body and a right to choose her role in a marriage, why not this?

I once wrote a piece on the tyranny of freewill (choice). Generally, humans don’t have the tool box necessary to make good choices. A man’s choice will only be consistent with his true nature. And man is deeply flawed by nature, hence his choices must necessarily be flawed. A greedy man will always choose money above morals, yet he needs morals more. A dog by nature must bark and a cat moan.

Knowing this, it is therefore suicidal to build an ideology on human choices and self autonomy. Nobody (man or woman) should be self autonomous. In reality, nobody is. Everyone needs a governing and regulatory authority that sets boundaries; both moral and spatial boundaries. This is necessary for the survival of humanity because our natural appetite is self destructive. We need to be delivered from ourselves.

Feminism is toxic not because of its intended consequences but because of its unintended ones, and we are already seeing them play out. If consistency matters, no hardline feminist should be able to condemn any woman who chooses abuse and disrespect over self dignity. IT IS HER CHOICE!

We should not teach our daughters that CHOICE is the best power they have. Knowledge is. With knowledge they’d understand that they don’t just make choices but that their choices make them.

The young lady’s choice makes her a disgrace.


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  1. Rita

    May 2, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    So she is a prostitute beacuse she choose to stay in an abusive relationship? Women and men alike have stayed in abusive relationship for less. Do your research. If she indeed is in an abusive relationship like you said, that will make her the victim.My question is, why are you insulting the victim but nothing about the abuser??? I really want to hear your reason. Get off your misogynistic high horse.

    • Okey

      May 6, 2018 at 1:47 pm

      Yoruba guys go pursue woman pass na dem disrespect woman pass nawa oooh…

  2. Yinka

    May 3, 2018 at 4:39 am

    Misogyny and patriarchy are the reasons You write such drivel. I find it very disgusting that You have written all this rubbish without having any inside knowledge of this relationship Your opinion is based on what You’ve seen or heard and it’s disgraceful. You are a terrible and horrid person for what You have written.

  3. Rita

    May 3, 2018 at 6:18 am

    Thanks Yinka, I think the writer is just looking for attention. Anything to make a name, pathetic!!!!

  4. bbywhatareyoudoing

    May 3, 2018 at 9:35 am

    “You are a needy, opportunistic, parasitic, gold-digging, low self-esteem sufferer. A Stockholm syndrome patient. You are not loyal. You are a liar. A prostitute and you share some moral equivalence.” This is when I knew that you’re a madman. Instead of you to look at the person who is the doing the trouble, you’re insulting the victim. If she chooses to forgive what does that has to do with you please.

  5. Bagai clinton

    May 3, 2018 at 10:15 am

    Bro everybody has a past so do h… So deal with the future… Dis what we call ‘when love happens’

  6. ijeoma

    May 3, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    Mr Writer,
    My understanding is that you are questioning Chioma’s choice to stay with Davido. Not only are you blaming this choice on feminism but you are also suggesting that patriarchy can serve as some sort of ‘governing authority’ to ensure that human actions (more succinctly the actions of women) which you say is inherently flawed is curtailed.
    It is sad that you clearly do not understand feminism before engaging publicly with the subject. What is even sadder is not how ignorant you are on the subject of feminism, but how you confidently displayed that ignorance in this writing.
    You need to thoroughly understand something first, before you can engage with it correctly engage with it to interpret an event or action
    Feminism is about choice for both men and women but your interpretation of that choice and autonomy in the second paragraph (after your picture) is not just awfully reductionist, but an unintelligent way to drag feminism into a discourse.
    Your writing is prove that patriarchy is real and that feminism must succeed.
    Feminism is creating new hierarchies and romantic rules in today’s societies to which men, and even women are resisting with hostility. That is understandable. However, feminism is just about the liberation of women as it is about ensuring that men like you who are choked by patriarchy gets freedom.
    People make choices and choices can be right or wrong but this has nothing to do with feminism. What feminism is about instead, is that men and women can have equal power to influence their choices in life, not leaving this power in the hands of patriarchy.

  7. Ozioma

    May 3, 2018 at 6:41 pm

    Your article is an article of a man who has sold his self worth to buying fame in the Internet. While writing to the victim and not the offender. Did you really read this article after writing. You are just a definition of a jobless youth and I quote the president “lazy Nigerian youth “. While don’t you find something better to do that will give you selfworth and dignity than looking for a young innocent girl that have found favor in someone(love) sight to abuse or tarnish her image. Mr analyzer I suggest you tell the spirit of poverty and idleness that have possessed you to leave you.
    From someone that you will thank for helping you see and concentrate in solving your problems

  8. Jamz

    April 7, 2019 at 5:11 am

    Here i am, april 7 2019, reading this article again…and just like i thought, you are not famous yet..sad isn’t it?

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