55year Old Nigerian Pastor Severely Flogged For Abducting And Impregnating A 10-yr-old Girl (Photos)

Pastor Micheal of a Celestial Church of Christ parish in Ilashe, Ogun State, has been disgraced for allegedly abducting and impregnating a 10-year-old girl who went missing in February.

The suspect, from Ondo State, allegedly abducted the girl in February and sexually abused her for months till she became pregnant.

Michael hid the girl in his house despite a search party launched for her whereabouts by the community leaders, which was known to him.

According to an eyewitness, ‘’Prophet Michael seized the girl in February and kept him in his house and impregnated her. He had somehow hypnotised the girl to the extent that she would hide from her schoolmates whenever they passed through the area where Prophet Michael’s house is located.

The girl was however spotted by her parents on April 29, 2018, while she was sweeping the compound. She told her parents that she was kept in the house by Prophet Michael and she was discovered to be pregnant for him.’’

The suspect was subsequently arrested on April 30, stripped naked and openly flogged at king’s palace before being handed over to the police.



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