Unbelievable: Little Girl Forced To Smoke A Cigarette In Snapchat Video Then Kicked Downstairs

A very shocking video has shown the moment a little girl was forced to smoke cigarettes before getting pushed to the floor and kicked down the stairs.

The footage, which we cannot show on this site, was first posted on social media site Snapchat, but it later circulated on Instagram by users trying to raise awareness of the horrific abuse.

The person recording the video can be seen giving the British toddler a cigarette and, with a lighter in hand, the girl puts it in her own mouth.

The person behind the camera can then be heard saying: ‘Hold on, the lighter don’t work,’ while trying to light the cigarette.

Another clip from the same account shows the child falling to the floor from a push to the head.

She is later seen dropping on her face as the person recording kicks her down some stairs.

She then quickly crawls away on her hands and knees.

One commented on the video: ‘Guys this is a very serious issue. The young child abused needs serious help. Who knows what could happen or what she isn’t posting on Snapchat.’

While another one said: ‘The child has to be taken away. For me this is breathless, I want to get in touch with the police.’

Snapchat allows users to report issues on abuse in the app.

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