“The Ordeal and Triumph of a female colleague on Campus”

Olatayo Samuel writes:


She did everything she had seen every successful student did to get excellent results. She read for long hours, attended every tutorial, yet, she always got average scores. She wanted distinction, or upper credit, at the very least, but she always wallowed in the deep of lower credit. She wanted 80s, 70s as scores, but 40s and 50s would not stop welcoming her whenever she visited the score board.

She is beautiful. Aye! She is naturally endowed! She does not need make up because she is naturally made up. She was cynosure of every lecturer’s eyes. They wanted her: they wanted her body to satisfy their lustful desires.

Everyone knew she was not the kind of student who messed around or wanted any dirty affair with the lecturers even though she’s sociable and respectful to everyone.

But these corrupt men would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. They knew she craved good grades and she was doing all that she could to get it. But, just like every other average student like her, the biggest of her effort could not get her more than average results.

So, they felt they could toss her some baits, using her strong desire for good grades.

“We would help her get the good grades she wants. We would tell other lecturers to accord her good grades, too. However, she should be ready to be in our good books. She should be ready to do our bids, just like some of her colleagues do”.

“That is a bait too big to miss the hit,” they assured themselves. “It is what almost every female student who struggles with academics like her wants,” they said, with evil grin.

She resisted their advances and ingenuine help altogether. Even though she badly wanted good grades, and that her hardest effort could not get her more than average scores, she was strongly determined not to mess herself up on any lecturer’s bed.

They discovered she would not budge an inch, no matter how hard, or what trick, they tried. Then, they resorted to threat. They shouted at her at every opportunity. They orally harassed her. They made her look stupid and dumb in the eyes of other students. They knew she was emotional and could barely form words whenever her emotion ran high. She always stuttered, although mildly, whenever she was worked up or put under stress. Even when she had ostensibly done nothing wrong, they would call her in public and begin to lambaste her.

They were the predators that ruled the jungle. And she was only a little vulnerable mouse, struggling for life in the midst of cruel devourers.

“You cannot be this beautiful and go like that without any of us having a taste of you,” they always said, albeit covertly.

All this they did to a point that she started crying out. She had been battling this herself but she seemed not to have the strength to do it alone again. She needed whom she could pour her heart to so the weight would be light on her.

It is not even that she had not been crying before this day. She had but had always fought the tears from escaping her eyes lest people begin to inquire into the tale she was not ready to tell. I am also sure that she had, at one time or two, left herself to shed all the tears her body could produce when she was alone in her room.

I can never forget those words she muttered to us while tears cascaded down her beautiful face one fateful afternoon.

Heavily sobbing, she said, “This my womanhood en! It belongs to my husband and only him will see and touch it! No lecturer will! God will not make their evil wish come to pass on me!”

“Most of my colleagues are doing it but I never will. I will never do it. I never, ever will,” she resolved.

Months and years have passed after we graduated. Today, she has a handsome, financially-okay, caring husband who respects and cares very much for her. God has also blessed her with beautiful child and her family has always known good days. Things are okay and peaceful with her today.

You wonder why God is making things sweet for her today? It is because she did not mess up her yesterday! Things are working pretty good for her today because she was not reckless about her yesterday.

She did not disobey her conscience while on campus. She did not mess herself up on the bed of a lecturer. She was determined but wasn’t desperate to do any silly thing for grades. She respected her hubby yet unknown and made sure she kept herself clean and sealed for him.

So what can be said about you? Are you allowing your desires to make you desperate? If that is the case with you, please change today. Do not lose your dignity on the altar of desperation.

Always respect and protect your tomorrow!

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