Spot all the Giant Coca-Cola Crowns for a ticket to Russia 2018

It’s all about winning a trip to Russia the coolest way ever! Get set for it…You will need to spot all the giant Coca-Cola crowns for a ticket to an all-expense paid trip to Russia 2018 to watch the games.

The Giant Coca-Cola crowns will be placed around Lagos environs. All you need to do is spot the Giant Coca-Cola Crowns as they appear; take a selfie with the crowns and upload on any social media platform with the hashtag #ToRussiaWithCoke.

If you are the first person to take a picture with all giant Coca-Cola crowns and posts them; hey presto! You win the trip to Russia!! There will be a leader board on the Coca-Cola official Social page to track the winners.

Follow Coca-Cola Social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for clues to the locations in Lagos where the giant Coca-Cola Crowns will be.

And if you don’t end up winning the trip, no worries, there are still loads of cool prizes to be won for the first 50 people that upload their pictures!


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