See 6 Reasons Your Website Is Not Generating Traffic And How To Fix Them

It’s quite hard but 100% possible to drive massive traffic to your website!
You probably believe you’ve done everything you think is the best already, from website design to daily content post yet the result says negative.

Obviously something is wrong, this is no brainer!
The billion dollar question is — what are the brain behind the poor traffic generation of your website?

Am quite sure most business owners especially start-ups have asked this question over and over again yet the answer seems to be lost in the wind.
Fortunately for you, Google has directed you to the right place.
In this piece, I‘ll tell you the ultimate possibilities WHY your website is not generating traffic and how to fix them.
Without much ado, here are the top 6 reasons why your website is not driving traffic and how you can fix them.

1st reason: Your SEO is weak:
Are you aware that Google is the best open source for generating free traffic?
Getting your website on the first page of Google Search engine is tough but not impossible.
It take steady hard work and obedience to Google guidelines to rank high in Google search engine.
In the words, you need a superb content to begin with.

However, there are other factors that can help you skyrocket your Google ranking such
– creating XML sitemap for you website
– Keywords optimization
– SEO plugin installation and so on
The absence of any of these factors might cause your website to be invisible on Google search by making your SEO appear weak.
Weak SEO will useless your effort to be found when people search for product related to your niche.
The bitter truth is that people hardly go to the second page on Google when they are searching for something.
Personally, when I’m searching for something on Google, once I can’t find what am looking for on the first page, I will enter another keywords instead of going to the next page.
You might even be surprised that most people doesn’t know that other pages aside the first one exist.

How to fix it:
Install search console, Google Analytics and an XLM sitemap: these tools are essential in getting your website found by Google.
Google Search Console allows you to monitor your overall search presence.
While Google Analytics allows you to track your website’s traffic.
It is equally useful when you want to confirm your webpage with the Google Search Console formerly called Google Webmaster tool.
And then XML sitemaps makes it possible for Google bots to crawl through your site and of course read your website. You should also consider the installation and configuration of Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO is known to be the best WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin will also help
you boost your site SEO and drive traffic to your website.
This plugin is quite simple. Once you install it, use the configuration wizard to guide you
with the setup.

2nd reason: Your content is Boring
As far as blogging is concern, content remains the king in traffic generation.
How do you feel when you crawl through a blog with quality blog posts?
Am sure leaving almost became impossible? Why – the post is fleshy with quality content.
What then can you say about your own posts?
Can visitors get stuck as soon as they get into your site? Or do they jump in, hiss and left?
As long as you continue to write resistible, uninteresting, and boring content, nobody is going to waste his/her time clicking on your blog post.
So to generate traffic and get people stuck in your website, you need to write useful and compelling content, if not, you’re no closer to getting traffic to your website.

How to fix it:
First you need to know your onus. What problem are you trying to solve with your website through your content.
Every content must have a target, so what’s yours?
Writing a quality content means understanding your audience and writing to suit their needs.
Find out what their problem is and then render a solution to that problem with a well–researched content ranging from keywords planning to the actual writing. You might consider using tools like Google keyword planner, SEMRush, etc to get exact keywords people are looking for.
Note: before writing a blog post, always place yourself in your audience’ shoes, by doing so, you’ll able to have a solution to their problems.

3rd reason: Your Headlines are Loose and resistible
What attracts you to click on a post?
I usually get attracted once I set my eyes on catchy headlines-I don’t even waste time hitting the click button-why? It’s compelling and irresistible. No one would even bother clicking if your headline is not interesting.

Eyes definitely eat first the before tongue get to taste the food.
So if you’ve spent all your time and energy writing quality content and then drops a boring headline, 90 out 100 people won’t even want to know if the content is superb or not. So headline is as much important as quality content- both go in handy.

How to fix it:
You should know what your audience are looking for so you need to know exact keyword or something very close.
Thank goodness, you finally get an awesome keyword.
The next thing is to write something capable of arresting the attention of people looking for such keywords.

Examples of titles:
 Top 10 ways of getting your website rank no. 1 in Google
 5 best ways to make money on the internet
 How to overtake your competitors and rank no.1 in SEO
 How you can promote your sales to 70% through your website in 2018
Write something that is catchy. However, your titles should be related to your niche.

4th reason: You content lack promotion
It is one thing to write a quality content, and another to promote the content.
Do you just hit the publish button and relax while your content sink and sink until it can’t be found anymore.
As a startup business, you brand may not have been recognized by people-you need to get people to know about the services you offer.
Prospects only clicks links that are visible to them, and yours can only be found if promoted.
Even large businesses also promote their contents.
So your inability to generate enough traffic could be lack of promotion.

How to fix it:
This absolutely has nothing to do with budget- in other words, even if you’re running a very tight budget you can as well promote your content and get people to know about your brand-HOW?
Social media marketing- It is free unless you want to subscribe to paid promotion campaign.
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) is one the best ways you can promote your business, content and website as well-this is no brainer.

With good social media management you can get thousands of traffic in a matter of days.
All you need is create social media presence (I would recommend Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
As long as you continue to promote your social media presence, you’ll definitely get visitors running through your website.
Note: You must be socially active to get the expected result.

5th reason: Your website has terrible user experience
The poor site traffic you complained about could be as result of the terrible and horrible user experience of your website.
If your site is not user-friendly, I bet you won’t have enough traffic-in fact your site visitors will even decrease in number.
Nobody would want to have bad experience when he/she needed to surf for internet for something.
One thing you must know is that man (male and female) by nature is impatient. So if your site is not user friendly then generating traffic going to be almost impossible because people will not visit your site irrespective of your superb content.
Bad user experience will discourage those that wants to read your post.
It is good to have a site that’s user friendly.

How to fix it:
When it comes to a user-friendly website, many things are involved.
Poor web design, poor loading speed and many more.
So you have to modify your website and make it user-friendly, let visitors have the flexibility of navigating through your site without obstructions.
Optimize your website to load faster at least three second load. Optimize the images and videos on your page so that your website won’t spend years loading. No one has time for such terrible experience.

6th reason: Your website is not mobile friendly
You might be wondering why your site is still not having much clicks. Check if your website is mobile friendly.

With the billions of people surfing the internet through their mobile phone, chances are that you won’t get much traffic. The portability of mobiles phone allows people to surf the internet anywhere and anytime provided there’s internet provider. So if your site in not generating enough traffic, the problem could be from non- friendliness of your

How to fix it:
Use some of these tool to check if your website is mobile friendly then optimize your site to be compatible with mobile phones.
Now over to you, what other top reason (s) do you think can cause poor traffic generation of a website?


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