Offa Robbery: Police reveal 12 arrested suspects

The police have revealed the identities of 12 suspects who were arrested for alleged connection to the last Thursday’s robbery in Offa, Kwara State.

Armed robbers stormed the community the afternoon of April 5, killing 17 people and raiding five banks. Eight police officers at Owode Division, Offa, were also killed in the attack, and the robbers made away with police arms and ammunition.

The police arrested seven suspects within the first two days of the attack, and made more arrests on later dates.

The police had earlier withheld the names of the first batch of suspects, saying doing so could jeopardise efforts to arrest the remaining members of the gang or/and threaten the entire investigation into the deadly robbery that had gripped the nation for the past one week.

President Muhammadu Buhari and other Nigerian leaders have condemned the attack and called on the police to take immediate action to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The names of the suspects are:

i) Adegoke Shogo 29yrs – Arrested in Offa

ii) Kayode Opadokun 35yrs – Arrested in Offa

iii) Kazeem Abdulrasheed 36yrs – Arrested in Offa

iv) Azeez Abdullahi 27yrs – Arrested in Offa

v) Alexander Reuben 39yrs – Arrested on the 11th April, 2018 in Lagos

vi) Jimoh Isa 28yrs – Arrested on the 11th April, 2018 in Lagos

vii) Azeez Salawudeen 20yrs – Arrested in Offa and victim’s phone and sim cards recovered from him

viii) Adewale Popoola 22yrs – Arrested in Offa and victim’s phone and sim cards recovered from him

ix) Adetoyese Muftau 23yrs – Arrested in Ibadan, Oyo State

x) Aminu Ibrahim 18yrs – Arrested in Ilorin

xi) Richard Buba Terry 23yrs – Arrested in Ilorin

xii) Peter Jaba Kuunfa 25yrs – Arrested in Ilorin

The exhibits recovered were:

i. Two (2) Beretta Pistols

ii. Twenty (20) Rounds of Live Ammunition

iii. Four (4) Phones and SIM cards belonging to victims, some of whom were killed during the attack

Source – Herald


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