My kids don’t complain about my Instagram photos, why should fans do?- Actress, Biodun Okeowo

Sultry and sexy Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo known in the industry as Tolani Oshirin has been trending online for days over accusation of butts enlargement and posting of raunchy pictures on Instagram.

The actress revealed in a recent interview that she since her children don’t complain about her photos she has no reason to be bothered.

She said:

I can only delete the pictures that I want to use to pass a message, but while posting it, I would also write ‘deleting soon’.
Then the pictures my children don’t like, I won’t post. As far as they don’t complain, I don’t have any issues with any other person.
Then my mother also, they are the ones that can tell me what to do or what they don’t like.

After them, my man follows. Maybe after i’m married, he becomes first but for now that’s the order.
Funnily enough, my kids understand and often commend what I wear. So, I pity for some people that would tell me ‘ and you call yourself a mother, yet dress like this or that’.
What even makes them think, I want to give my children this their Nigerian upbringing and mentality?

I know we have cultures and I won’t go out there exposing what’s beyond the normal.

Adding to that, I am an actress and some of my pictures are set photos. You won’t see me outside wearing such or see me walking on the street distracting people.
I don’t want to say it’s poverty mentality, but I don’t just know. Go to more advanced countries and see the way and manner they carry themselves. Nobody dares harass anybody because of dressing.


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