Miracle and I had sex several times in the house — Nina (video)

Nina had an interview with TheDelphinator TV and she confirmed to the interviewer that she was intimate with her love interest, Miracle a number of times in the house.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Nina in a chat with CoolFm also said she dislikes second runner up, Tobi Bakare for being a ‘gossip.

Nina said she doesn’t like Tobi and if asked to kill one person amongTobi, Miracle and Rico, she will kill Tobi.

Speaking to CoolFm, the 22 year old While playing the Smash, Marry,or Kill game, said, ” I’ll kill Tobi. I don’t know who I’ll marry but I’ll kill Tobi.

”Because I don’t like him. Tobi is a gossip yeah.”

When asked about Cee-C , Nina said, ”Cee-c is a very nice girl. I got out of the house and I found out that she’s really nice.

”She was never a hater. I thought she hated me but when I got out I found out that Cee-C never had that intention about me.”

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