Lady Shares Testimony After Surviving A Ghastly Accident That Almost Killed A Pregnant Woman

Queen Ogori Joy has taken to her Facebook page to share her joy after she survived an accident that almost claimed her life, that of a pregnant woman and her husband.

She narrated:
“OH GOD my merciful father.. I can’t stop thanking you for you just did it your way again!
Today I said I should go visit my elder sister who resident’s in Nasarawa state, on our way going from JOS city getting to kaduna( Forest) our vehicle hit a bicycle (okada) carrying a pregnant woman and her husband from behind to the extent our vehicle almost fly down the bridge 🌉 to the water. I’ve never seen a Man 👨 crying profusely in my life but today I saw, this man crying so hard for his life, his wife who’s an expecting mother cried like a baby would cry saying her tummy hurts so bad.
So we rushed them to the nearest hospital, my God! The hospital I doubt if they can do anything aside addministing first aid to the patients.
God I am thanking you because you did your magic within a twinkle of an 👀eye.
I thank you because those poor couple’s 👫 will not die.
Lord I’m thanking you because nothing happened to anyone of us in the car save for fear and grip which is normal during accident.
I thank you because you preserved their lives and that of mine to be able to tell the story and return praises to YOU…
I cried because I saw my life living my body out of fear 😱 saying so this is how I’m going to bid my loved ones farewell?? God!!!!! It can only be you doing this great MIRACLE!!!!
I am joy Bibi Ogori, an embodiment of GRACE.. God has made my destiny even before the world began, devil has no say when it comes to my matter because OLUWA is always INVOLVED.”


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