Lady Goes Viral After Attending Her Own Wedding Without Wearing Any Make-Up (Photo)

Wedding days are usually a time for serious fanfare as well as time to show-off where people can display their finest clothes and look sharper than ever.

The brides, especially, are known to want to look their very best and in so doing employ the services of make-up artists who will redesign their faces from the way they originally look. In fact, ladies are known to spend hours just making up themselves on their wedding days.

However, for this one lady, that is not to be the case.

A photo of the unnamed lady was shared on social media showing her on her wedding day and it has since gone viral for one reason; she was not wearing any make-up.


Local reports reveal that the woman is a member of The Lord’s Chosen church and she was content with the way she looks naturally, mainly because of the teachings of the church which does not allow too much physical adornment. 

The wedding reportedly took pace in Lagos.

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