Is Cynthia Morgan pregnant? See what these fans have to say!

Cynthia Morgan

It all started when Adesua Etomi called our attention all over again to what we have noticed for a while now, and that is the absence and silence of artiste Cynthia Morgan.

Her simple question “Where is Cynthia Morgan?” raised curious brows leading many to join in the search for the talented singer and songwriter.

While many joined in the search, others simply stated that Cynthia is pregnant.

Funnily enough, not one, not two comments mentioned pregnancy, but a handful of followers hinted that Madrina is on the 9 months journey and that is the reason for her absence.

Cynthia Morgan is not only talented in her chosen craft, she is also quite outspoken which makes her silence suspicious.

If indeed it is pregnancy, all good, we wish her well.

Source – 36ng


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