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How to Convert iTunes Gift Card to Naira.

Do you have iTunes gift card that you want to convert to Naira? You are in luck. This article explores how you can exchange your iTunes gift card for Naira. However, before we delve into details of that, there is one question we have to answer;

Where to Exchange iTunes Gift Card for Naira

There are tons of websites on the internet that offer where you can sell iTunes gift card for Naira. However, you want to sell your iTunes card to people you can trust. Consider buying your iTunes gift card to

You would have access to a top-notch service you can absolutely trust. However, before getting to this stage, there are other steps you must take trade your itunes gift card.

Steps to Convert Your iTunes Gift Card to Naira

Outlined below are three important steps you must take to convert iTunes card to Naira.

Step 1: Check the Validity

This is the most important step to take before selling your iTunes card to IGCTrader. Why is this important, you ask? The reason is obvious, you won’t get paid for a card that is not valid. Furthermore, checking to make sure the card has not been redeemed by anyone else helps you avoid controversies.

Step 2: Make Sure its in Physical Form

You have to make sure your iTunes gift card is in a physical form rather than an electronic form. In this form, the test for validity is easy; simply be the one that scratched the pin code area.

However, if you are sending an electronic form of the card, you have to be ensure it has not been redeemed. There are ways of checking the validity of gift cards without redeeming it.

Step 3: Get a Good Camera

This step only applies if you are sending the iTunes gift card in a physical form. Why do you need a good camera, you ask? To snap the code on the iTunes card you’ve just scratched.

Step 4: Convert your iTunes Gift Card to Naira

This is the final step to take if you want to convert your iTunes gift card to Naira. As said earlier, you’ll find many individuals and Whatsapp groups that claim to offer this service. However, if you want a site that you can trust and offers a great rate, consider using IGCTrader.

Why convert your iTunes Gift Card to Naira on IGCTrader, you ask? One word; flexibility. You’ll be able to sell your iTunes gift card whether it’s a physical card, e-code or big code. It doesn’t even matter if it’s USD, CAD, AUD, EUR or GBP, you will sell your iTunes gift card. Also, you can calculate how much you will sell your itunes gift card.

On a Final Note

The question of how to and site to sell iTunes gift card in Nigeria goes alongside. This article has answered these two questions. IGCTrader will help you convert your iTunes gift card to naira.

With IGCTrader, you get to enjoy a reliable service and a fast transactions. Furthermore, we offer the most flexible transaction you’ll come across online. You can receive your payment either in cash or Bitcoin, depending on your preference.

You can also sell Amazon gift cards, Steam Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards and Walmart gift cards.

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