How My Friend Escaped Scammers Inside One-chance Vehicle In Lagos – Actress Monica Shares Story (Photos)

Nollywood actress, Monica, who is know for her role in popular TV series, “Do Good”, has taken to her Instagram page to post a photo of a vehicle her friend boarded in Lagos which turned out to be a ‘one-chance’ transport, adding that her friend escaped such individuals while going on her personal business. 

The actress revealed on her social media page, that she dropped her friend at Ikate car park, where she boarded a car which contained the driver and a lady seated at the passenger’s seat, wearing a face cap. 

Immediately her friend got in, she revealed that her spirit was unsettled. being wise, Monica took a photo of the vehicle before it left the park. 

She said that her friend whose name she withheld later called her to inform her that the ride was unpleasant as they were scammers. The friend revealed they tried to pull a popular scam on her in which they make the victim believe they have plastic dollars which requires chemicals to be turned into real cash. 

Vehicle used by the scammers

Her post read: “Few hours ago about 3:05pm I dropped My friend off at ikate bus-stop, lekki. She stopped this Cab heading to oshodi, a dark man was on the wheel and a dark woman on face cap in her late 30s (all these info no necessary).

“The spirit of God alerted me that they are not good people so I codedly took pictures before they left and prayed God protect her. 

“I got a call from her few hours later that they were 419, the popular dollar format but they allowed her go. I am thankful to God because they didn’t harm her, they weren’t ritualist and above all, God always protect his own! Watch out Fam! There are a lot of lazy Nigerian youths and adults like these ones but God will disgrace them all.”  

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