Former Lawyer of Nnamdi Kanu Disgraced By Supreme Court


Ugwuonye Ephraim Chukwukemeka

The Supreme Court of Nigeria has finally struck out the name of Ugwuonye Ephraim Chukwukemeka also known as ‘Due Process’ from the legal practitioner’s roll.

This was confirmed in a letter from the Supreme Court with the Number RE BB/LPDC/217/16, dated 24th April, 2018 and signed by Gertrude B. Bari Nyana, Esq.

According to the letter Ugwuonye’s name was struck off after he was tried and found guilty of infamous conduct in the course of the performance of his duty as a legal practitioner.

The letter reads in part:

“This is to notify you of a NOTICE issued by the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee to the effect that your name be stuck off the Roll of Legal Practitioners,after you were tried and found guilty of infamous conduct in the course of the performance of your duty as a legal practitioner as set out in Count 1,of the complaint, contrary to Rules 23 and 55 of the Rules of professional conduct in the Legal Practice 2007 and punishable under section 12-(1)(a) of Legal Practitioners Act as amended.

“The said notice is dated 22nd day of May,2017, and in the absence of an appeal after a stipulated time within which to appeal has elapsed, the name UGWUONYE EPHRAIM CHUKWUEMEKA is hereby STRUCK OFF the Roll of Legal Practitioners.

UGWUONYE EPHRAIM CHUKWUEMEKA is not entitled to practice as Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Any letter issued to you before now with regards to your enrollment status is null and void with immediate effect.”

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