#BBNaija: Lolu and Anto make-up, kiss for over 1 minute (video)

After all said and done, all the talks and apologies, one of the favourite couple in the Big Brother house have finally come to some sort of resolution and to prove this, they shared a quite passionate kiss!

Following her return to the Big Brother House, things were not the same between her and her love interest after she discovered that he has someone outside the house – her feelings for him waxed cold, it even led her to tears.

But later on in the game, he explained himself to her in the calmest way possible and this explanation certainly paid off y’all!

Following days of talks and contempt from her to him, Anto and Lolu finally have come to some sort of resolution after they were spotted engaging in a really passionate kiss.

Not just a peck or teasing on both lips, we’re talking some serious French-lip-locking-intimate-emotional-passionate kiss

Watch them below:


Video of him wooing Anto Back, before the kiss:


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