#BBNaija: “I am not a gold digger, Nigerians should leave me, Focus on your life” – Nina blows hot

The love triangle – that is Miracle, Nina and Collins – has to be the most complicated romantic affair of the season as one can’t specifically pinpoint what the thingy between Nina and the two other guys really is.

Let’s walk down memory lane a lil’ bit yeah? Okay, recall that when the Big Brother game started, Nina already got intimate with Miracle when she kissed him in the bathroom in less than 72 hours of their entry into the house.

This was the genesis of their affair and in due course of the game, we got to see them involve in a handful of romantic rendezvous – it was even alleged that the duo had sex in the house.

The pair, Mina seemed inseparable in the house as they continued to dish viewers serious romantic goals – this obviously made them the fan’s favourite and thus, eyebrows were raised and tongues begun wagging over their relationship.

With her also fueling reports, we got to discover that she has a boyfriend outside the big brother house – Collins. When Nina was confronted about this, she admitted to having Collins as her boyfriend and then, said boldly that she’d even want things to continue between the both of them after her leave from the house – that’s if he, Collins wanted it.

She stated that though she ‘had’ Miracle, she still had her boyfriend too; saying she and Miracle have something but not necessary dating – a really complicated situation that had us wondering what really it is.

Fast forward to few days ago, Miracle won the big brother game and it seemed everything changed from there – the relationship Nina said she didn’t have with Miracle seemed to surface one way or the other.

Now more recently, the fair skin student has blown hot on social media after fans keep coming at her on her relationship with Miracle.

In a video she shared recently, Nina has said that she fell in love with Miracle and they obviously have things going on for them – a statement quite contradictory to what she said weeks ago.

Her video came after fans trolled her calling her a gold digger et all because her relationship with Miracle obviously changed when he won the big brother game.

In this new video she shared, she says it’s not possible for her to have done all she did in the house with Miracle and still expects her boyfriend to still want her. This obviously means she’s ditching Collins and she was abruptly blunt about it.

Watch her blow hot in a video she shared on social media below and share your thoughts… She also told Nigerians and those monitoring her to leave her the F**K alone, and mind their business.


WATCH PART 2, Where she told Nigerians to mind their business and focus on their lives…

She is quoted to have said: “You people should leave me. I have had enough. I don’t owe you people explanations, take it the way you see. Leave my life alone, stop talking about my relationship, Focus on your life. What is this? You guys should focus on your life and how to make it. Leave me and my relationship alone”

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  1. Has Collins said he won’t accept Nina? Why is she assuming things? she’s probably not answering his calls right now. If i were Miracle, I won’t waste any valuable time on that shallow thinking gold digger


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