AMVCA winners Salami Rotimi and Jumoke Odetola set to wed (Video)

The AMVCA has been unanimously agreed to be the most credible awards in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. While some tagged it the African Oscar, others say it is the biggest platform for filmmakers in Africa. While the above is no news to many, the latest news getting to us is the fact that two winners from this platform, i.e. Jumoke Odetola and Salami Rotimi may be getting married soon.

Salami who won his golden plaque with the movie JUST NOT MARRIED surprised a team of cast and crew at a movie set when he dropped on one knee and proposed to Jumoke Odetola, the multiple awards winning actress and producer of the movie SOMEWHERE IN THE DARK.

A cake with an inscription ‘MARRY ME’ was also presented to Jumoke by Salami.

There are many curious fans already on Jumoke Odetola’s instagram page. They want to know if this was a movie or reality. Our news crew are on their way to the film sets to find out more. Stay here to catch an update.

Calls have been put through to Jumoke Odetola’s manager for verifications too. The manager, Mr. Abiodun Jimoh said, love affairs are private issues and it would be nice if we hear from the horse’s mouth.

Watch Video Below


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