Advice column; I just realized my wife once dated my colleague and even aborted for him twice

My colleague at  my new place of work who has evolved into my close friend invited my wife and I for lunch at his house last Saturday. If I had known the shock that was waiting for me there, I would have kindly rejected the invite.

So that Saturday afternoon my wife and I got dressed and headed for my friends house. When we got to their gate,I called him on phone to come open the gate for us, he came and open the ate and I actually introduced him to my wife but the look on their faces told me that was not the first time they were meeting. So I asked jokingly that ”do you guys know each other” but my friend said no that she only looked like someone he has met before.

We headed into the house and met his wife and kid, the outing was so much fun for me but I realized that my wife was distant and uneasy and I asked her severally if she was okay and she said she was fine.

When it was time to take our leave, we left and my wife was still her unusual self and I had a feeling it was from the outing.

So later that night I went to sleep and she did not come to  bed on time as she was on her laptop working. Later that night ,I was fast asleep when she tapped me saying she wanted to tell me something then she brought out the bible  to swear that I would not use whatever she tells me against her , i although hesitated because I was afraid of what she might want to say but when it seemed she was not going to tell me anything except I swore then I ended up doing it because I was curios to know what she wanted to say.

Then she told me of how she has dated my colleague for like 3 years and  had 2 abortions for him and I was speechless, angry, disappointed and bittered even wen I know its her past but I can not seems to get over it as I see this guy every day in the office and it as also affected the respect I have for my wife.


please what can i do???



  1. Please let it go, because Isaiah 43:18-19. Says, remember not the former things or considered the things of the old, behold I we do a New things. God will established His peace in your home. I love you brother.

  2. My dear pls forgive her, it wasn’t easy for her to tell you. It only shows that she loves you.and its her past.


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