A year later, troll still mock BBNaija’s TBoss for not being able to recite the National Anthem; She responds

National Anthem

News made the round last year when we discovered that controversial housemate of her time, TBoss could not recite the national anthem… a really big embarrassment at the time.

Well, it looks like some troll still dwell in the Half Romanian’s past as one took to the comment section on her IG page recently to remind her of being the only girl who can’t recite the national anthem.

This troll wrote… ”The only girl that cannot recite Nigeria national anthem I greet oh”… in the comment section of one of TBoss’s post.

Upon seeing this, TBoss then replied,

That’s a Whole year ago but you have decided to stay stuck in my past. Can you see how I could actually pity you? Pele… Ps: I can recite it but if you disagree, take up an argument with your ancestors.

But this troll who tried to make sure she uses TBoss as her prey for IG fame still lambasted her. She then wrote,

oh baby girl ain’t u ashamed that you are saying u can recite it now lol anyways kpele not pele still dull u need to go another for another class of spelling

Yeah well, it’s a trolling kinda century…

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