Woman Suddenly Catches Her Boyfriend Red-handed With Another Women… What Happens Next Will Shock You

A video has shown the moment a man was publicly humiliated after his girlfriend and his baby mama verbally shamed him in a restaurant.

In the viral video, the man is seen having a meal with his baby mama and kids in a restaurant when a woman barges in and confronts him.

“So this is what we doing? This what we doing?” she asks, her voice raised.

The shocked baby mama looks from her man to the new woman and asks, “What we doing?”

The woman explains to the baby mama that she’s been dating the guy and he even has her car but he never mentioned to her that he has a baby mama and kids. At this, the baby mama got angry, especially after she was informed that the car her baby daddy used in taking them out belongs to the side chic.

Both women united at this point and ganged up on him, with the side chic asking for her car keys while the baby mama asked him to pack out of her house.

“So you been lying about this car the whole time. You had me and my kids out here in somebody else’ car?” the baby mama said and stood to take her kids.

She added that they’ve been together for 9 years and the woman who intruded on their date was shocked to hear that he has been with someone else for 9 years, has kids with her, and never mentioned it.

Patrons of the restaurant stood watching the scene as the side chic was screaming, “Give me my keys,” while the mother of his children was saying, “By the time I get back, get out of my motherf***ing house. Get all your sh** and get out of my house.”

Watch the video below.



Source: TORI


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