Why U.S President, Donald Trump Fired Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson


President Trump

United States President, Donald Trump, sacked the nation’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson on Tuesday afternoon.

Recall that in a Tweet this afternoon, President Trump, announced the dismissal of Tillerson.

It was gathered that President Trump sacked Tillerson because he spoke ill about Russia President, Vladimir Putin despite his warning.

“I just fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Yesterday Rex said something mean about Putin,” Trump was quoted as saying.


“I’ve warned every American that under no circumstances was anyone allowed to criticize Putin or Russia (even if they committed acts of war against us). Mike Pompeo will replace Rex,” Trump said.

What was Trump’s reason for sacking Tillerson?

According to BBC, while speaking to reporters outside the White House on Tuesday, Trump said his differences with Tillerson came down to personal “chemistry”.

He said: “We got along actually quite well, but we disagreed on things. When you look at the Iran deal, I think it’s terrible. I guess he thought it was OK.


“I wanted to either break it or do something and he felt a little bit differently, so we were not really thinking the same.”

Why was Tillerson fired?

Reports had swirled since last year of a schism in the Trump administration between the commander-in-chief and his top diplomat.

Last October Tillerson was forced to convene a news conference to deny claims he planned to quit, though he did not address a report that he had referred to his boss as a moron after a Pentagon meeting.

Last autumn, Trump publicly undercut the former Texas oilman by tweeting that he was “wasting his time” trying to negotiate with North Korea.

In December, the secretary of state departed from administration talking points when he offered to begin direct talks with Pyongyang without preconditions.

The White House – which insisted North Korea must first accept any negotiations would be about giving up its nuclear arsenal – distanced itself from his remarks.

Tillerson was reported to be astonished at how little Trump grasped the basics of foreign policy.

The Republican president, meanwhile, was irritated by Tillerson’s body language during meetings, the New York Times reported.

The secretary of state was said to roll his eyes or slouch when he disagreed with Trump’s decisions.

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