VIDEO: Yoruba Demon Tobi Changed Towards Me Because I’m a Virgin- Cee-C

Big brother Nigeria’s infamous couple, Tobi Bakare and Cee-C are in the news again with their on again off again relationship with the later stating why she feels Tobi has changed towards her.

You will recall that at the beginning of the show, Tobi seemed to be completely smitten with Cee-C which led him to be mocked on social media as a bit of a lightweight.

Things eventually changed and the two became a couple in the house, but in recent time, fights have plagued their relationship and the two can’t seem to see eye to eye.

Also recall that Cee-C claimed that she is a virgin and has never been with a man, which led to a lot of scepticism online from people who did not believe her.

In a video released on Social Media, Cee-C was complaining to fellow housemate Bam Bam that she felt Tobi was different towards her because she is a virgin.

Cee-c also revealed that Tobi’s behaviour was not entirely surprising as she had always believed her revelation would cause one of two things; either her relationship with Tobi would become stronger or they were going to grow apart.

You can check out the video below


Source – Herald


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