Today’s Question: Fresh Herdsmen Attack Kill 26 in Benue, What Do You Think Government Can Do???


Despite  the presence of “Operation Ayem Akpatuma” in Benue state,  fresh attacks by herdsmen which claimed 26 lives and left many injured have occurred in Okpokwu LGA, Benue

This is so unfortunate and many Nigerians are wondering why this operation is not as effective as “Operation Python Dance” in the South East.

What do you think???


  1. cat race is an operation to disarm the indigenes and to provide cover for the fulani terrorists to carry out their destruction of lives unhindered. The fulanis have started their jihad but the people can’t even defend their lives. what a pity!

  2. The cat race are in Benue to give the herdsmen covering fire not to protect life and property, they should give mopol chance to protect us. Bad away they started defeating the herdsmen before kpatuma came in.

  3. This is quite unfortunate. Very barbaric. You don’t expect someone who is killing you to protect. You can’t call on someone who is killing you to save you. It is high time the people of Benue, stand to the challenge. Fight back; defend yourself at all cost and defeat your enemies. When that is done, all lovers of justice will back you. Nigeria is a country where injustice is on the rule. Nigerian laws are designed to oppress the weak and the poor. This administration of Buhari is a total failure to mankind.

  4. Our so called leaders knows about this because we as Nigerians, we are too big for this rubish our leaders have hand in this killing. Mostly the Benue they have every right to fight for the interest of their state. No matter the treath from the government, that can stop them from protecting their own state. I sincerely think that our so call precedent is fully in support of this nonsense. May God deliver Nigeria.


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