So beautiful: Mide Martins and Tayo Sobola pictured on set (Photos)

These two actresses, Mide Funmi Martins and Tayo Sobola(Sotayo) were pictured together on set.

Too much beauty in one picture.. More photos below:

Mide Martins in an interview, debunked the rumours that recently surfaced about her readiness to leave her marriage with her actor and director beau.

I wonder what people stand to gain by carrying vicious rumours about my marriage. I have tried my best to keep my marital affairs out of the glare of the public, but some people wouldn’t just let me be. My husband and I are very fine and we don’t have any issues whatsoever. Just like in every marriage, there are challenges but ours is nothing serious. I have said so much about this already and I don’t like as it is always made an issue.

When asked about what she loves most about her husband she said:

My husband is a very caring and dependable person. He is always there whenever you need him. I know some people said that he used black magic (juju) to marry me, but that’s not true. If only they know the type of relationship we share, they wouldn’t be saying all that.


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