Police Officers Land In Serious Trouble After Doing This Scandalous Thing With Women On The Beach

Some very cheeky police officers have been suspended after the were spotted posing for pictures with topless women in Cancun.

According to Daily Star UK, the officers, armed with machine guns, posed next to the bikini-clad bathers in Mexico at the weekend.

Pictures of the law enforcement officials standing next to the women, who were believed to be tourists, have gone viral on social media.

The grinning state police officers were wearing full body armour at the time.

When the X-rated snaps were uploaded to Facebook, one person wrote: “When you’re more interested in the s**** than looking after Cancún beaches.”

It is claimed that police later threatened the Facebook user and the post was removed, reports Mirror Online.

The three officers have now been suspended according to reports.

Cancun is one of the biggest tourist destination in Mexico attracting millions of tourists each year.

But the city has been blighted by drug trafficking.

It is reported 193 people were murdered last year.

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