Photos: Pretty Nigerian Lady Proudly Shows Off Her Mums Garri Business That Has Produced Two Graduates In Their Family


One of the things that makes parents happy in this life is when their children willingly support, associates and be proud of their efforts in putting food on the table and tending to the needs of the family.

A known proverb says not all fingers are equal, some are born with a silver spoon, some diamond spoon while some came with no spoon.

A Nigerian lady has shown how she appreciates her mother’s effort in training and catering for the needs of the family.

Sharing her opinion, Andy Presh says she is extremely proud about her mum who struggles so hard to put food on the table and train her and her siblings to the best level she can.

Andy Presh happily showed off her mum business, her mum sells Garri in a market.

Her mum has been able to produce two graduates from her Garri business and still going to produce more.

Andy Presh who always go to assist her mum in market says:

“This is what my mum does for a living and she has produced two graduates, me and my twin brother came around, went to the market and assist her”

Not everyone will be able to show off this, not in today’s world where people are competing to slay better.

More Pictures :

Kudos to her!!


 Source – GossipMill


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