Outrage on social media as Man hires a White Man to play Jesus During Palm Sunday (Photos)

Outrage as Man hires a White Man to play Jesus During Palm Sunday (Photos)There is serious online debate and outrage going on right now after a White man was allegedly hired by a church to play the role of Jesus Christ for Palm Sunday celebration at Munyonyo Martyrs Shrine in Kampala, Uganda.

This year’s Palm Sunday, which is the start of the Holy Week and the day Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, one week before he was crucified, received criticism from people who accused the organizers of projecting the image that Africans are inferior.

See the reactions below:

In another news, A Nigerian lady identified as @girlbosnigeria on Instagram has revealed how her two kids were almost killed due to the negligence of a Lagos school, she enrolled them in.(Read here)


  1. The outrage about a whiteman being contracted to play the role of Jesus Christ during Palm Sunday in a town in Uganda is not just because of inferiority complex but the fact that it is a gross misrepresentation of Christ who was indeed a black Hebrew not white. Many people or Christians think that the Hebrews often seen as Jews are whites because of the dominant population of the current Israelites. But, the truth is that the aboriginal population of the Hebrews is black not white. There are indigenous black Hebrews in Ethiopia and Egypt known as the “Falashas”. People are often deceived by posters and videos of Christ manufactured in Euro-America which portray him as white. At the time of Christ there were no cameras but there were painters whose paintings depicted him as black. Several authoritative books have been written that show that Christ was black. They include “This Black Jesus” by Abasika, Etiese T. Mkpa. published by Newswatch Books Ltd., 1993, “God, The Bible and Black Man’s Destiny. (A Treasury of Biblical, Historical and Scientific Facts)” by Barashango, Ishakamusa (Rev.) published by Silver Spring, Maryland (USA): IVth Dynasty Publishing Company, 1982, “God is Black” by Naiwu Osahon published by Heritage Books, Lagos, 1993, etc.


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