Oh No! Watch The Shocking Moment A Man Was Swept Off A Bridge By Giant Waves In The Bahamas (Video)


The man was swept away by strong waves

A video has shown the really shocking moment a man was swept off a bridge by massive waves in the Bahamas.

The man was captured on camera by commuters behind him.

The dramatic video shows a man, who has now been identified as Stephen Higgs, climbing on rocks next to the Glass Window Bridge.

As he did, he was struck by waves, leaving him drenched. Before he could run to a safer place, another massive wave rose and hit him and this time, he was thrown off the rocks and over the side of the bridge.

Commuters filming the incident from their car can be heard panicking as they wondered where the waves had swept him to.

Watch the video below:

Miraculously, he survived and was found on the rocks below with a broken arm and covered in deep lacerations.

After the shocking incident, police helped the bloodied man to the top where his wife was waiting for him and took him to a local hospital.

The bridge was closed after strong winds and waves reaching 40ft were forecast last Sunday.

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