Nigerian Woman Weds In Style After Dating Her Boyfriend For 14 Years (Photos)

Lil’ma got married to her heartthrob after dating for 14 years

A Nigerian woman has shocked Twitter community after disclosing that she just got married to her husband after dating him for 14 years.

The woman by name Lil’Ma with the handle @lilmatohbahdt wrote: “After 14 years of dating, he came to pay my bride price 4 days ago #PJAY18 ❤.”


Many people bombarded her with questions with a few praising her for sticking with the man all through these years. A friend who shared a video from the wedding wrote: “Don’t invite me to yours if it’s not gonna be this litty🔥🔥🔥 #2018Wedding!!! God Bless Your Home Sis @lilmatohbahdt.”

The woman started dating the boyfriend at the age of 20. She’s currently 34.

Watch video below: 

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